Migration, Media and Intercultural Dialogue

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    Anna Franzil

    This research project focuses on a range of issues, both theoretical and practical, related to cultural diversity and difference. Migration and media are twin facets of globalization, the one demographic, with crucial spatio-temporal consequences, and the other cultural and technological. While migration often poses the question of cultural difference, diverse forms of media play a key role in enabling representation, thus forging modes of communication. Through a focus on the role of media, this research project explores the extent to which the latter bridges cultural differences in contexts of migration and facilitates intercultural dialogue. Of interest too are the ways in which media can mobilize societies and cultures. Also relevant is the role of media in triggering migration, as well as in connecting migrants to their homelands.

    • Anna Franzil
      Project Manager
    • Valeria Bello Valeria Bello Senior Research Fellow
    • Francesco Vacchiano
    • Parvati Nair
    • Tendayi Bloom
    • Megha Amrith