Education in Syria: a catalyst to girls’ well-being under risk

    Education in Syria: a catalyst to girls’ well-being under risk
    by Marta Guasp Teschendorff

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    In the context of the ongoing armed conflict, Syria is the country of the world with most internally displaced people. Amongst the most vulnerable, internally displaced children are paying a high price for the country’s situation, which is undermining their access to quality education, thus risking not only their future prospects but also those of Syria as a whole. The active conflict, the resulting displacement of families and the lack of sufficient humanitarian assistance push education down the priority list equally for boys and girls, negatively affecting school enrollment and literacy rates for both genders. Yet, girls are left in a much more vulnerable position.

    This report highlights the urgent need of addressing the collapse of Syria´s education infrastructure. Especially for girls, education is linked to empowerment and thus decisive for their future well-being. Only with both greater commitment from the international community and the political will from all parties involved, along with the recognition of the crucial role that education has for a country, will a better future for be granted Syrian boys and girls and their life prospects.

    This report is the first part of a two-part report series that examines the Syrian crisis and the impacts of displacement on education provision. See Part Two here.