UNU’s Council approves the New Name and Revised Concept of the UNU Institute in Barcelona

  • 2013•05•09

    On Monday, April 22nd 2013, the Council of the United Nations University met in Tokyo, where they approved the new name and revised concept of the UNU Institute in Barcelona. This Institute henceforth takes the name of the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM). The research focus, as laid out by UNU-Barcelona, has also been approved.

    Professor Nair, the Director of UNU-GCM, briefly presented the focus and ongoing work of UNU-GCM, whilst also laying out priorities to secure the long-term wellbeing of the Institute. The Rector of UNU also informed Council of UNU-GCM’s interests, whereupon the Council pronounced their approval. Several Council members reiterated their support for UNU-GCM and stated their interest in knowing of its progress.

    It is expected that UNU-GCM will hold a public event in Autumn 2013 at its offices in the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site in order to mark its work and presence.