“Gender, Work and Migration: Agency in Gendered Labour Settings”, new book by Research Fellow Dr. Megha Amrith

  • 2018•04•25

    The edited volume ‘Gender, Work and Migration: Agency in Gendered Labour Settings’, co-edited by Dr. Megha Amrith (former UNU-GCM Research Fellow) and Nina Sahraoui has been published in the Routledge series ‘Studies in Migration and Diaspora’. The book is the outcome of a collaboration that emerged and developed from a conference panel on gender and migrant labour held within the ‘Female Agency, Mobility and Socio-Cultural Change’ research programme at UNU-GCM. The collection of articles in the book explore the implications of gendered labour patterns for migrants’ empowerment and experiences of social mobility and immobility, their transnational involvement, and wider familial and social relationships.