2014 Annual Report

  • 2015•05•22

    UNU-GCM is pleased to announce the publication of our 2014 Annual Report.

    Here is an excerpt of a message from our Director, Parvati Nair:

    In 2014, we completed work on our first research program on Migration, Media and Intercultural Dialogue and developed our second research program on Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration. We have collaborated with academic and other entities in Spain and elsewhere and have celebrated two major international conferences, as well a series of guest lectures and seminars.

    Additionally, we have published numerous scholarly articles and policy reports targeting readership and outreach in forums that are both scholarly and related to the formation of policy, as well as a wider international readership through UNU’s online magazine Our World. 2014 saw the launch of the UNU Migration Network’s website, with UNU- GCM serving as focal point. The UNU Migration Network has further enabled membership for UNU within the Global Migration Group, which was confirmed in 2014.

    We look forward to continuing our work and contributing in useful ways to the production and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge on culture and mobility in Barcelona, Spain and more globally.