UNU-GCM and the UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development

  • 2013•10•21


    On 4th and 5th October 2013, UNU-GCM participated at the second UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development, in Turtle Bay, New York. UNU-GCM’s intervention, relating to the use of private actors in migration enforcement measures, arose from research for one of its current research projects relating to statelessness. Seven years since the first HLD, this meeting represented an opportunity for representatives of the UN’s Member States to come together with experts on migration from UN agencies, academia and civil society, with a specific focus on migration. While the previous HLD had focused heavily on the role of remittances in development, this time there was much more emphasis on the human rights of migrants and the situations for particularly vulnerable migrant groups, such as women and children, and those fleeing conflict. The text of UNU-GCM’s intervention will soon be available from the UN Migration website, and short updates can be found from UNU-GCM’s website. A fuller policy report document will soon be available.