Call for abstracts: Sub-Saharan Migration Decisions and Changing Conditions in the Mediterranean

  • 2013•06•20

    UNU-GCM seeks contributions to a volume examining how, and indeed whether, current developments in the Mediterranean Region have affected migration decisions and the experiences of persons moving from and within the Sub-Saharan Region. This is a new and emerging area, and this volume will bring together strong and rigorous analysis, making it available to a wider audience. It is hoped that this volume will encourage discussion of the effects of policy decisions for the Mediterranean Region upon those involved in the migration process from and within Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Contributions may, for example, answer questions about: migrants’ perceptions regarding events in North Africa, the Middle East, and/or Southern Europe; experiences of persons pre-migration, during migration, upon arrival, or upon return in the light of current developments; the situation for those who are unable to migrate, or who are left behind; and how policy – domestic, regional, and/or international – should be responding to changing conditions to ensure that the needs of migrants and potential migrants from the Sub-Saharan Region are not overlooked. They may take as their focus one country, a selection of countries, or wider questions of a regional nature. We seek papers from a range of disciplines and perspectives, as well as from those working both within and outside traditional academia.

    Potential contributors should send the following to Tendayi Bloom ( by 5pm CET on Friday 30th August 2013:

    • An abstract of up to 300 words
    • A short biographical note of a few sentences (up to 150 words)
    • Full name and affiliation; and
    • Full contact details.

    The final paper would be needed by mid December 2013. If you have any queries or comments, please contact: